Hi, my name is Paul and I am a retired electronics engineer living in Yorkshire, UK. I've always been interested in finding ways to make my money work for me and in 2015 a friend invited me to take a look at a online investment club that works just like Dragons' Den or Shark Tank on TV, but allows everyday ordinary people to get involved in investments that would normally be reserved for the super rich.

In short, the Club gives out free shares every month to ordinary people.

These shares are in outstanding privately owned young businesses that are disruptors. 

Since I joined the Club, my shares have risen in value by...


So, how does the Club work?

The Club consults a team of expert venture capital investors (regulated and authorised by the FCA) and identify businesses with outstanding growth potential.

Then, just like the Dragons on TV, the Club negotiates with the most exciting businesses and makes an investment and every month the Club issues free shares to it's members up to the same value of the membership fee.

Is the Club successful?

My own experience so far has been extremely positive with my personal portfolio having substantially risen in value. You can see my personal results on the next page