Hi, my name is Paul and I am an ex-electronics engineer living in Yorkshire, UK. I've always been interested in finding ways to make my money work for me and in 2015 a friend invited me to take a look at a online investment club that works like Dragons' Den or Shark Tank on TV, but with a twist.

It allows everyday ordinary people to get shares early on in young businesses. This is called angel investing and this type of investing is normally reserved for the super rich.

In short, the Club does all the hard work, investigating and research exciting young businesses that could become the next Facebook, Google or Tesla etc.

My personal shares are showing a profit of...


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How do they do it?

The Club engages a team of advisors who are experts in early stage investments. The experts are regulated and authorised by the FCA and they identify businesses with outstanding growth potential for the Club.

The Club does some further due diligence checks and if it likes the look of the business (99 out of 100 are rejected) it makes an offer to invest. If the offer is successful, shares are added to the Club's treasury to be allocated to members in the future.

Every month the Club issues free shares to it's members in businesses it has invested in. The shares given to members are worth up to the same value of their membership fee.