New members receive free bonus shares worth up to £250

(this bonus offer could close any time!)

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14 day Guarantee

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14 Day Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you change your mind, you can get a full refund anytime within 14 days of paying your membership fee. If you have any issues, just get in touch with the friendly support team.

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How much is Club membership?

Membership of the Club starts at a very affordable €89 (c. £78, $109 USD) per month. That works out at less than €3 (£2.70, $3.65) a day. You can stop and start your membership payments any time you want directly in the back office. As long as you pay for at least 1 months membership per year, your account and shares stay in good standing.


Can members join from any country?

This is a worldwide club with members from over 50 countries, including USA, Canada, UK, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Europe etc. There are only a few countries where membership is not allowed. If you don't see your country on the registration page, then unfortunately membership is not allowed in your country.


How and when to sell shares

There is an internal, member to member share exchange where you can buy and sell shares. The internal exchange is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and there are no fees for buying or selling.


Are any special skills or knowledge required?

No. One of the big advantages of the Club compared to other crowdfunding sites out there is that you don't need to have any special skills or financial knowledge. Just pay your membership fee and every month you'll receive free shares up to the same value of your subscription. Many members just treat the Club like a savings plan, on steroids.


How to pause or cancel your membership

You can pause and restart your membership any time you wish, in the account section of your back office. You are fully in control. If you wish to cancel your account, you will need to contact support.

How to withdraw your money

Whenever you sell shares, cash is instantly deposited into your "cash account" (wallet). You can request to withdraw your money any time and withdrawal requests are processed weekly. You can withdraw your money direct to your nominated bank account.

New members receive free bonus shares worth up to £250

(this bonus offer could close any time!)

Some of the young businesses the Club has invested in, so far

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